our menu_

Our philosophy is to create and offer products to customers that we would like to buy ourselves. The majority of our pastries are homemade (usually taken care of by Klára) and prices range from 35 CZK (for cream rolls) to 90 CZK (for a deluxe éclair).

For cold drinks, customers can expect to pay between 45 CZK and 70 CZK, and about 50% of our products are homemade. We make our own homemade lemonades (tonic, mango, forest blend, strawberry) and iced teas, while our juices primarily come from a local juice factory.

Coffee is a separate category in our assortment. The price for espresso-based coffee ranges from 35 CZK to 85 CZK, and we exclusively use single-origin Arabica beans from our affiliated Prague-based roastery, CoffeeSource. To ensure the ideal taste of each served coffee, we weigh every ground portion to the tenth of a gram, adjust the grinder settings multiple times a day, and thoroughly clean the grinder and coffee machine every evening.

For alternatively prepared coffee (drip, aeropress, french press, batch brew, cold brew), customers can expect to pay between 75 CZK and 90 CZK. Depending on the customer’s preference and the current offer, we use single-origin Arabica beans from various Czech roasteries. Our favorites include Zoban from Litoměřice or Poppy Beans from Brno, but our selection is not limited to them.

We also have a savory menu ranging in price from 35 CZK to 200 CZK. Our standard offering includes dishes such as baked nachos, quesadillas, hummus with pita, or baked Balkan cheese. Additionally, we complement our menu on weekdays with a vegetarian soup, a flavorful baguette, or seasonal delights.

We look forward to seeing you,
Klára and Jakub